Different Kind of Websites

  • Saurav Mishra
  • Dec. 6, 2022

A website is a collection of web pages and content which is identified by a common type domain name and published on the webserver. Some examples of websites are Wikipedia.org, google.com, amazon.com, etc

All the websites are public collections of the world wide web. websites are designed for a purpose of news, education, commerce entertainment, and social networking. Hyperlinks are the key factor that allows which allow linking of web pages to the home page. Websites are accessed by any device through which the internet can explore like smartphones, laptops, computers.


Socila Media Websites

In 2019 Webster defined it as "forms social media electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).

Through social media, people connect they are a distance apart, information of education, news, ministry, etc are sent to people through these websites. Social media websites created a huge network of people.

Even though in such bad situations like the coronavirus people are connected very easily through these websites. Classes, meetings, presentations everything is done through these websites. There are many examples of this kind of website such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook through which people connect. Ever this kind of website is designed in that way that people can't get bored while using them. There are billions of social media users on the internet every day. . These types of websites don't require any kind of paid money for accessing them ‘ they are all free. There are also demerits of using this kind of websites much much time which takes ou to anxiety, depression, overthinking, comparison, etc


eCommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are specially designed for trading and business. Products and goods are purchased and sold through these websites. These days for the growth of any business and take e-commerce website of their business is necessary. There is no specification in the presence of the product on these websites, it would be of any type either fashion, health, electronics, and groceries.

Due to e-commerce store websites, people know lots of brands these days and they can explore and buy their choice on eCommerce stores. Most popular brands like Flipkart. Amazon, Ajio is only that popular through their Ecommerce websites.


Magazines Websites

Magazines websites are the type of websites where people post their signals and information to the general audience. According to your choice and interest, you can go and read there.

There are a lot of kinds of information-related things related to different contexts and information. Lots of people who want to learn something can visit there and learn the thing they want. there are most of the people got popular through these websites. Most of the people are earning through magazines websites while publishing and advertisements. Reading ability got improved when you got addicted to these magazine's websites.


Blog Websites

Bogs are the websites where the gathering of information is done informally, the publisher posts his idea and about the information in the terms of writeups on these websites. As some like magazine websites there is no specific content available here, people having different skills post here like about food, democracy, education, and many more. This is the best place where you can earn money by publishing your blogs and creating network traffic Millions of users are on these websites. This is helpful in many ways, it can improve your vocabulary, writing skills, and way of writing your content.

People having that much skill that one can’t have visited here and publish his/her blogs and which make him /her popular in public  


Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are the place where showcasing of work is done. This is perfect for artists, writers, programmers, designers, f. filmmakers, and builders. Several projects you've worked on, highlighting the work, etc are part of this kind of website.

Creative ideas, unique layouts, and interesting features are mentioned by people of these websites. You can get your work at reputed companies by making your portfolio websites and adding your projects to your portfolio.

You have seen most of the companies when visiting you for a job they ask for your portfolio along with your cv or resume. In the field of taking a job portfolio is a necessary thing. There are also lots of houses available where people teach how to make the best portfolio. Github is one of the most popular portfolio websites. Also, it provides job opportunities and is used by millions of people to showcase their projects.


Directory and Contact Pages

This type of website where people connect. As with eCommerce websites, this also works as the same role, you can find people for hiring or getting work through these websites

There is one advantage here of this that you can also get detail about each query what you have from the other people and work. Small scale business which doesn't have that much skill about him /her business or do not have that many people needed on work can visit here or get an idea about how I can make my business successful in the market.

Knowing what others had accomplished with other connections is the best thing t celebrate.



The homepage is the website that helps visitors on the websites to know about different websites and designs and ideas. The home page is mostly used by designers to design different layouts and things

Creating any business card, logo, or any other is done through these websites. This is very helpful to creators and other creative people to give a shape to their ideas. These websites are designed in a way that can help people to give a proper shape and elaborate their ideas


Non Profit Websites

 A non-profit website represents a not-for-profit organization such as a medical research charity, and overseas aid charity, or a heritage charity.

While many other types of websites are technically not for profit, including educational websites representing public and some private schools, the term non-profit websites tend to be used for charitable organizations other than schools and colleges. These websites help in funding and raising money for the people who can’t afford   their education and basic needs

Lots of celebrities and different people are part of these websites. Even in this corona period these websites made a huge work and got a helpful response from different people. This website is only for those people who want to do something for the people and be social workers.

These websites have different chains of people where they have different social work projects.


Search Engines

Search engines are resources serving as keys to finding relevant content on the Internet. These platforms differ from portals in that they do not spoonfeed curated or managerially selected resources to everyone who visits them. Instead, they begin by presenting a blank slate in the form of a search query box into which the user must type text or (in the case of some image search engines) paste a picture.

Where text input is involved, the search engine is programmed to respond to the user's word, phrase, series of words, or sentence, and then interpret the intention of the query, before processing it through an algorithm that seeks to present the most relevant websites or image results.

When an image is pasted, the search engine is programmed to find the same image and similar images on the Internet. This can be useful for identifying the artist or photographer responsible for an unrecognized image, or for finding similar images for use in a particular project. the search engine is the major type of thing used by thousand billions of people

Google, Yahoo, Brave, Bing are some examples.


Brochure and Catalog Websites

A brochure website is a website designed to display a business's products and services to view online. It will typically include testimonials, case studies, appropriate images, and video.

A brochure website is simpler than a catalog website as it does not need to list a large number of different products, but simply serves as an attractively presented online advertisement for the business, showing where it is located, how to make contact, and in general terms what products or services it offers. A brochure website can be quite simple and consist of a single page (though usually at least five pages), whereas a catalog website will tend to have dozens or hundreds of pages representing different product ranges and individual products.

A catalog website is different from an eCommerce website in that it does not allow online checkout and payment for goods or services. It is designed to showcase them and induce those browsing to make contact with the business to place an order or request a quotation, depending on what is being offered.


Same as different designers and creators these websites are their most used things during work.o


Educational Websites

These websites are a combination of different types of knowledge and education. The teaching of different courses are done here through different tutors here online

Like other websites which became popular in this corona situation, this played a major role in the education domain for students and learners. You can also earn money by publishing your courses and teaching online to students

Some examples of this kind of website are blues, unacademy. udemy.Coursera, Vedantu, and future learning.


These are the some of the most popular websites used by the people on their work and in their life and which gives us lots of information related and learning things