10 Mobile Applications Everybody Uses

  • Aishwarya Balakrishnan
  • June 2, 2023

The importance of a mobile phone is something that need not be reminded of anyone. With the increase in digitalization, there are humongous changes taking place in the digital world, and mobile phones are used for much more than ordinary communication.

With the increase in the opportunities and features that a mobile phone offers, it has become an important gadget not only for business communication but also for recording daily activities and entertainment. In today's day and age, there is so much availability of mobile apps that the human race is seeing a change in their way of computing.

The presence of mobile apps helps people achieve an easy lifestyle. They are unlimited in number, and they can be categorized into types like communication, education, cooking, matrimonial, business, and shopping apps. All thanks to the App Developers to help us use these applications free of cost or with menial charges.

As discussed above, even though there are n number of applications, there are a few that have stood at the top of the list for a while. These are the Apps that probably everybody uses on an everyday basis. Let us have a look at them:


  1. WhatsApp

We're pretty sure that this is a no-brainer. Launched in the year 2009, WhatsApp is the top text and voice messaging application. It is free of cost, and can be used to send text messages, voice notes, videos, make voice calls as well as video calls. It is compatible on both, mobile phones as well as a desktop.

It is a very versatile app and can be used on all smartphones, be it an Android or an iPhone. Even in order to make an international call, all it takes is to have a good internet connection. And there you have it, you can call anyone around the world free of cost. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and even syncs in your contacts on its own so that you don't have to add people manually.

You can add statuses, block contacts, as well as share contacts with other people. You can also create a business account so that people can contact you on that number. There is no doubt that this is one of the best apps in the market that is loved and used by all.


  1. YouTube

Originally, YouTube was a free video-sharing website. But it has blown up so much that now every new phone comes with an inbuilt YouTube mobile application. It was created in 2005 and is now one of the most popular sites with about 6 billion hours' worth of content being watched every month.

YouTube is so popular because of the number of videos one can find on the platform. Thousands of videos in an hour, and you can watch videos from creators from anywhere around the world for free. There are vlogs, tutorials, classes, entertainment videos as well as cute animal videos. You search it, and there is a chance you’re going to find what you want.

In the later years, YouTube has become the primary source of income for a lot of people. In the earlier days, YouTube was just a fun website to post videos, but as the number of users blew up, more and more people started creating videos and it has now become a paying platform.


  1. Google Maps

Google Maps is a web-based service that gives information regarding geographical regions of the world. It looks like a conventional road map but also gives an ariel view of many places. It even comprises photos of various locations and has the option of street view.

With the growing need to commute to different places every day, this app is an incredibly useful app that provides route planners that offer directions for walkers, bikers, as well as the use of public transportation.

The App uses GPS and other SatNav systems to determine the location of the user. It helps people choose the best route to get to a place whilst avoiding traffic. With the increase in crime rates, it is a good app to keep track of where you are going, and the app also has the option of sharing your live location with someone to keep safety measures.

The app is free of cost and comes inbuilt in all new smartphones. It is without a doubt the best navigation app available that is 100% there in everybody's mobile phone.


  1. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media network available at the moment. Pretty much everyone has an account on there, and if you don’t, you will probably be talked into creating one. It is a social networking site that helps people connect with friends and family online. It was originally created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and anyone above the age of 13 is eligible to use it.

What makes Facebook so unique compared to other communication sites is that you can share and connect to multiple people at the same time. It allows people to post statuses and stories, and share posts and articles with everyone. It also offers a direct messaging feature which makes it easier to connect to someone privately.

People can share photos and links, videos, and blogs publicly. The app is so popular that many other websites have started integrating Facebook into their own sites.

It is even used by a lot of older adults and has a simple user interface. It also has games that can keep the younger audience entertained. It is a versatile app and is used by people of all age groups, and it is not going away any time soon.


  1. Chrome

Not all web browsers are created with equal thought and precision. And it can get a little difficult to choose the best one because there are so many to choose from. But, most of us can agree that the Chrome app is the BEST browser app available and is definitely the one everybody uses.

It is a free web browser by Google with clean and advanced features. It helps people collect lots of information at once, and allows opening various tabs at a single time. It is especially fast as compared to other web browsers and has a wide range of tools that helps keep you safe online. It constantly sends the user updates so that they're aware of any malware or viruses present.

It is extremely versatile and also offers translations of various languages, and it is customizable by the user. Because of its versatility, the Chrome App has become one of the most popular web browsers worldwide.


  1. Amazon Shopping App

Amazon is the marketplace for the Internet. People can buy just about anything at any time, from anywhere! The Amazon shopping app is the leading shopping app with millions of users worldwide.

The app helps people purchase products from the comfort of their homes and offers great delivery and return options. They have a very customer-friendly refund policy as well as offer a wide range of products according to the budget of the user. One can find the costliest of items and the cheapest of the cheap items in the store, which makes it very budget-friendly.

The amazon app has grown so much in recent years that like some of the apps mentioned above, it comes built-in the new smartphones at the time of purchase. The consumer market is rapidly growing and this app doesn't fail to provide people what they want and helps them meet all their requirements.


  1. Instagram

Instagram is a free social media platform that is used exclusively for sharing photos and videos. Since the time it has launched, it is a great platform to connect with friends, family, leaders, celebrities, as well as various brands. Because it relies solely on videos and photos, it has created a cultural twist in the way people share things. It is a cultural powerhouse that is not restricted by the barrier of language or location.

It was bought by Facebook in 2012 and now has over a billion registered users. It is a platform for everyone, from small businesses to big ones, cultural institutions, organizations, celebrities, photographers, and musicians.

It is a great way to stay updated with the newest launch at your favorite clothing brand, or the premiere of a song from your favorite artist. This platform is so popular that 'Instagramming' is officially a word now. With a large number of users, it is an app that is guaranteed to be on the phones of most people in today's day and age.


  1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking app that is designed to collect text and images, video, and audio recordings which are then backed up on cloud. It is relatively easy to use and there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet on how to use it because of its large user base.

The app organizes your information as a notebook, which is essentially files. For someone who works with a lot of information, it is a great app to store, access, and save the information that is important. Students can use it to make notes, teachers can make use of it to sort out the syllabus, writers and researchers can organize their material, and a common man can just have a to-do list on the go!

One can sync it to their calendar as well. Evernote has a paid version, as well as a free version. Most users use the free version as there is enough space for novices. However, if someone saves a lot of information, the paid version is just right.

With its easy organization ability and simple interface, it has attracted a wide user base and is one of the tops apps for collecting notes.


  1. Snapchat

The fastest way to share a moment! Snapchat is a mobile app for android and iOS devices in which people can send photos and videos to the recipient that can be seen only for a short period of time before it becomes inaccessible. Found in 2011, Snapchat was initially made for person-to-person sharing of photos and videos, but now it has many other uses.

People can share stories with their followers, send messages, video chat with friends, and also create bitmoji avatars of themselves.

The app is especially popular among teenagers and young adults, but even adults and celebrities use the app to share their daily lives with their followers and vlog precious moments throughout their day. It is an easy way of communicating with a large audience but also gives you the privacy to communicate with someone personally.


  1. Zoom

Let us face it, with the pandemic still lingering around, our entire world is now online. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, day-to-day activities were offline. Meetings were held in offices, children went to school daily, and people used to go out and party. But with the restrictions imposed on us for our safety, Zoom has provided us with a great platform to continue doing those things in a regular fashion.

From schools to offices, everything has gone online. It provides people with a platform for video conferencing. It is used by teachers to teach students, recruiters to select employees, for managers to organize meetings, and for people to have workshops.

Because of the limitations faced by all of us during this hard time, zoom has easily become an app that is used by everyone to complete their daily obligations without having to halt. Thank you, Zoom!


Presently, there are mobile apps for all walks of life, and there is no doubt that the industry of mobile app development is increasingly flourishing day by day. Developers are working their hardest to make apps and as users of these apps, it is our responsibility to know the purpose of each one of them and use them properly so that we achieve optimum satisfaction and use the app as it was designed to be used for.